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DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO THIS SHELL STATION AND HAVE ANYONE WORK ON YOUR CAR..... My husband took his car to this gas station and have his truck lifted . The older man that works there claims that he could do the job. So my husband took his car to the shop and when he wen to pick up the car, only the front was done, the technician claims the work was done, but the work was not. So my husband took the car to an actual dealership and they told him not evenhalf of the work that was done based on the documentation/ receipt given. So my husband went back (Shell) up there to talk th the technician and both times, the man was volitile and begin arguing with him. So my husband went to the Burreau of automotive repair enforcement department. We had an investigator do an investigation, which was a joke. My husband agrred to $700 of the $1100.00 paid to be refunded. The technician agreed to paying the $700.00 So when we finally got the check, The check bounced. When you try to go about things the right way, it seems like you get kicked in the face. I can not belive that this man is even allowed to work on cars. when I get his name I will post the name for sure. It make me angry that people think they can do this....... We will be off to Small Claims with Shell Company.


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