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On July 4th 2018, I went to Shell to get gas as I have been FOR YEARS!! It’s the ONLY gas I put in any of my cars.

I swiped my card at the pump, as per usual & the pump told me to see cashier. I cancelled the transaction & moved to the next pump & went inside to pay for $25 in gas. When I checked my account as my gas was being pumped, I noticed TWO DIFFERENT charges for $95/each. One was successful & one was declined.

They took $95 out of my account & they tried to charge me $95 AGAIN, although the receipt that printed read $0.00. I went to explain what had happened to the cashier & he told me that it was because I swiped at the pump & that it would go back to my account within hours. My account didn’t show that the $95 was pending or “on hold” because that would mean that I used my card as credit & this was not the case. The receipt clearly says DEBIT & I used my 4-digit PIN, NOT my Zipcode.

I came back to this store yesterday, July 6, 2018 & explained this same situation to a different cashier on duty. He asked me to please give him one more day & that he would check his balances to see where he might be short or over so I agreed to come back the next day which is TODAY & I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY $95!! I approached the same cashier that sold me the gas on July 4 & presented him yet again with my situation that I had left him with that night. He told me to call my bank & dispute it!

I personally think this crew of cashiers is stealing because their explanations don’t match. Why would a DEBIT purchase be on hold? Secondly, WHERE THE *** DID $95 come from? What is there to buy at Shell that is $95 plus $25 in gas?

This doesn’t make sense & I’m too pissed! I will jump on every Shell gas station’s website that I can find & give bad reviews if this is what this company is condoning! Not to mention the terrible customer service from these two men who were available to tel me anythingto get rid of me & my complaint. I have been calling corporate ever since that day & to this day, I still get no answer even after leaving voicemail.

Way to go Shell.. You suck for this garbage.

I have a been a loyal member since the fuel program came about & this is the thanks I get? I will update this post once my issue is resolved because IT IS GOING TO GET RESOLVED!

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Only cowards post "anonymous"! At least you already knew that you could never matter.

Get a life & mind the business that pays YOU!

Cause as YOU can see... I was taking care of mine.

to Anonymous #1600479

So then you admit that YOU are a coward? Too funny!!

Pot kettle and all that.

You basically just called yourself a coward and admit to your own definition of cowardice. I find attacking employees who have zero control over your account to be MORE cowardly.


So in the usual mouthbreather fashion you chose to attack the employees who have NO ACCESS to any part of your account instead of taking this up with card holder services. Typical trash consumer. No brains.


Had $102.50 in checking stopped at Shell 7/14/2018 Shell put $95 hold I was only able to put $7.50 of gas which zero my checking account. Called banks customer service they said $95 will be refunded by 7/23/2018.

Shell customer sevice not available till 9am Monday. Guess I use cash only and stop paying at pump.

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