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i went into this station to purchase gas cards. i informed the attendance that i wanted t purchase 3 $50 gas cards. attendant charged me $150 all at once and could not divide the funds into 3 gas cards. He could not giv3e me my money back and did not give me the gas cards. i had him call his manager who informed me to call my bank. to this day i have not received my refund of $150. i am going to smalls claims court and contacting the BRB. ... Read more

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Station: Napa Loop, 1491 Trancas St, Napa, Ca 94558. Problem: the receipt printers at the pumps have been broken for more than 3 months. Customers must walk in store to register. I know this is good for the owner, because we might buy something and labor costs remain the same. But, what about us? I am elderly AND handicapped and i resent the inconvenience. Furthermore, the owner does not keep his employees updated. They are hung out to dry.... Read more

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Negative review of clerk "John" (a middle-aged man) @ Ortega Shell in San Juan Capistrano, CA; Thurs, 7/28 @ approx 6pm. I purchased gas, paid at the pump, then moved my car to a parking stall. I went in the store, filled out Mega Millions and Powerball tickets, picked up a couple sandwiches and chips, and John -- in a terribly wrinkled and unprofessional shirt -- ran my lottery tickets through the machine, generated my tickets, rang up all of... Read more

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On july 24 2016 at approximately 8:15am.. My two children and i entered the shell gas station on 2905 Thomas Drive on Panama City Beach Fl. The smell coming from the restroom was gross...but being an emergency for one the children we had to endure. Toliet paper all over the floor dirty toliet. After finishing his buisness went to wash his hands...and wouldn't know it the dispenser wasnt working. I myself have not only worked convenience stores I... Read more

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Stopping in to grab his regular pack of ciggerets at the shell on providence rd nc intersection with 84 my fiance has been harrased by a woman that works there countless times. She has short hair thats dyed purple and piercings on her face aswell as a little on the heavy set side. Today she said "this guys an *** so we'll serve you first" to a woman behind him in line. HOW IS THAT PROFESSIONAL? another time she said "Have fun *** your underaged... Read more

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  • Jul 08
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Shell Gas Station , Cutler Bay, Florida near McDonalds and Southland Mall. This station is disrepectful of customers . As customers are standing in line waiting they serve other customers giving preference to those they wish. They shut off your gas and do not give you assistance after pushing the help button. 7/8/16 located 205 & US1. Former loyal customer

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It was the worst experience and the workers there were rude and disrespectful. I had a gift card that had 10$ left on it from when I used it before and I went to put 10$ in my gas tank and they told me it was my fault it wasn't working and that maybe my phone went up against it and drained the money out and there was nothing they could do. In a voice that wasn't even willing to help or listen to my concerns. Literally the worst experience I've... Read more

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Am very happy with shell and there gas prices but i had a problem with one of the pumps it stole my money when i put the zip cobe in it told me to go see the cashier am so i when on inside and i knew i had money on my bank account i told the cashier put ten dollars on pump 3 and it said decline i told the lady about what happen and she said she dont know how the pumps work. I lost 30 dollars i could of fulled it my race with V-power oh my oh my... Read more

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  • Jul 03
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Lake cook rd, and waukegan ave, in deerfield/northbrook il. Are the worst humans I've ever had to deal with on thus earth, not only was I refused service because I'm ***. But was also harassed by the low life *** attendent who called the police on me for taking his photo to send to management.

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  • Jun 30
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On Wed. June 29, 2016 @ approx. 3:00pm l visited the shell station on San Bruno Ave. in San Francisco. I purchased $30.00 worth of gas. I then drove over to the mechanic shop and ask the man if he would please put air in my tires because my light was on. He put the air in my tire and I asked if he could please check the hood. He became irrate yelling at me. He said you just said put the air on the tires and that's $5.00. I said okay but I... Read more

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